Empowering Parents

A Lifeline of Training and Support.


Many parents are overwhelmed when their child is first diagnosed. Interventions Unlimited provides a lifeline of training and support, empowering families with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges inherent in raising a child with special needs. Studies show measurable gains when parents and caregivers are actively involved. They provide critical insights and information to more effectively guide each client’s ABA program. Our comprehensive parent support system includes ongoing training during home and community sessions as well as free training seminars (links to parent training series page) covering a wide variety of topics.  

Additionally, IU offers the convenience of handling most administrative tasks associated with contacting insurance companies and other funding sources to verify coverage and benefits, obtain authorizations and submit claims.

Every step of the way, Interventions Unlimited’s skilled and supportive staff partner with parents to cultivate open lines of communication and facilitate the best possible outcomes. Equipped with the knowledge to provide positive reinforcement and skill-practice throughout the day, parents and caregivers help to ensure the successful adoption of new skills and behaviors.