If your child is having a difficult time making friends, we can help! Peer relationships and the ability to relate to others are critical for the emotional development of children. These classes help your child increase social interaction, sharing, turn taking, playing with other children, and develop specific social skills that are age appropriate.

Social skills classes are one hour sessions and meet once a week, and are conducted on an eight-week cycle. Classes are assigned to match the age of your child and appropriate peers.

The following are some examples of the social skills targeted for intervention:

  • Making eye contact
  • Exchanging greetings
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Initiating interactions such as play, conversation, etc.
  • Responding to interactions from others
  • Engaging in activities with others
  • Taking turns
  • Understanding other people’s body language such as facial expressions
  • Understanding emotions and expressing emotions
  • Giving compliments
  • Friendship building

Parents are encouraged to bring siblings or friends of their child to participate in the sessions. Peers will be taught specific skills to enhance their social and play interactions with children with disabilities.

Please call our office at 407-678-8889 for specific schedules for different age groups.

For 8 classes (8 weeks)
$370 - new clients
$350 - continuing clients

Tuition is due in full for the entire 8 weeks with your registration.

To register, please click here for our online form.